Prince Sanjay, The Prince of Ishkabar stays at the Tipton and becomes friends with Zack and Cody. He tells them he just wants to be a normal child and Zack takes him to the mall while Cody takes his place in a meeting with the mayor (Cody wears a Shabalakaba which is a worn on occasions in Sanjay's culture it covers the face so nobody could tell it was Cody). While trying to impress girls, Sanjay accidentally steals clothes while thinking that it was ok and that his people will pay for it. Zack and Sanjay end up in mall jail. Meanwhile, London thinks she has spotted a UFO and Maddie helps her because London keeps ordering delicious and expensive food. In the end it turns out to be a mylar balloon from London's birthday party caught on a TV antenna.

(Note:This was the last episode of Season 1.)